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  • ESPA Restful Collection (Worth £102.00)
  • ESPA Restful Collection (Worth £102.00)
  • ESPA Restful Collection (Worth £102.00)

ESPA Restful Collection (Worth £102.00)


Sink into serenity and experience bedtime bliss.


Experience a heavenly night's sleep with ESPA’s blissful luxuries.


Discover the Restful range, enriched with a peaceful blend of Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Clary Sage essential oils for supported serenity. Harmonise the body, mind, and spirit as you drift into dreaming.


Sensorial textures and powerful aromatics lull the skin and spirit as you sink into slumber. This gift collection is completed with ESPA's 100% silk eye mask to comfort and cradle tired eyes.


The priceless gift of evening relaxation.


This Gift Contains:

Restful Bath Milk 100ml

Relaxing oil-rich bath milk to nourish your skin and wellbeing.

Restful Night Cream 100ml

Indulgent lavender body cream for blissful bedtimes and luxurious nourishment.

Restful Pulse Point Oil 9ml

This beautiful pulse point oil is designed to be used as part of a calming evening routine that promotes a sense of wellbeing.

Restful Pillow Mist 12ml

Aromatherapy body, room, and linen mist for blissful bedtimes. Powered by nature’s Restful botanical offerings.

Silk Eye Mask

ESPA’s 100 percent silk mask is the perfect nightly luxury for sound slumber.

Now in our exclusive Limited Edition Christmas colourway.

Our luxurious 22 Momme silk boasts high density that blocks out any unwanted light, whilst remaining breathable and soft. Gentle on delicate eyelids with an elasticated strap to stay in place, this silk saviour provides comfort for tired eyes.

Delicately accented with the embroidered ESPA monogram for a little touch of opulence.


How to use

Restful Bath Milk: Shake well before use and hold bottle at a 45-degree angle. Slowly drizzle under warm running water, swirling your hand to disperse the milk as you breathe in its harmonising aroma, helping your mind to become ready for a restful night’s sleep.

Restful Night Cream: After an evening bath, massage into skin while breathing in the calming aromatic.

Restful Pulse Point Oil: Lightly roll over your pulse points to release the soporific aromatic and help settle your mind before bedtime.

Restful Pillow Mist: Shake well before use. At bedtime, gently mist your pillow and breathe deeply to experience the benefits of the calming aromatic