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Hay Fever Treatment

  • 10 minutes
  • 65 British pounds
  • Chester Street

Service Description

Hay fever is caused by your immune system reacting unnecessarily to pollens. Your immune system is such an important part of your body that it will preferentially use up a lot of your energy uselessly ‘fighting off’ pollens which it interprets as attacking you. Energy that would be much better utilised elsewhere in life. Trees can begin to produce pollen in late January and some grasses continue producing pollen until September so depending on what you’re allergic to, the season can be many months. Between 10-15% of us suffer from hay fever symptoms. For many people it causes significant fatigue and problems with concentration and alertness. Research has shown that people can do 5-10% worse in their exams during hay-fever season compared with other times of the year. Of those 10-15% of people with hay-fever, about 10% do not respond to conventional, easily available treatments like anti-histamine tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops. Book your treatment today at Face.

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  • 01352 754270

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